“Twice cursed and once blessed.”

Descendants of corrupted-then-blessed wolves, Wolven evolved into the bipeds that are seen on Nox today.



Differences in appearances (sex and form)

Females retain wolfish ears and tails while the males share no obvious wolfish traits aside from fangs which both sexes share along with the ability to shift into a much larger bestial form. This beast form size varies by age and sex. While capable of moving on all four legs, transformed Wolven prefer to use their stronger, thicker, more bear-like hind legs for balance for movement and balance. Their forelegs are more cat-like with forepaws that sport an opposable thumb on each paw.

Any Wolven with a strong ‘wolf sense’–or strong connection with their inner wolf–can take a third form: A small wolf form the size of a regular wild wolf; usually similar to native wolves of the area or the Wolven’s own wolf ancestry.

Wolven are the closest to the origin of magic and were the first to receive that gift. They possess incredible strength only rivaled by the Werecats as well as unbelievable stamina in both bipedal and beast form. Due to the sheer amount of energy it takes to sustain themselves along with the strains of shifting, Wolven consume a lot of food (buffet lines beware–charge double admission price).



Wolven organize themselves into packs which can contain multiple families or family lines with each pack headed by an Alpha. A Wolven clan consists of many packs with the Clan Alpha–or High Alpha–overseeing an entire region. Quick packs, also known as charter cells, form when Wolven are in need of a leader due to travel or, more commonly, entering a communal organization such as schools or work places. Like pack Alphas, charter Alphas oversee the needs of those beneath them, meting out punishment and hearing complaints and intervening in disputes as necessary. Thanks to these lower Alphas, a lot of stress is lifted from the pack and High Alphas’ shoulders which leaves them to deal with more important issues instead of getting caught up in a series of petty squabbles.

Both clan and pack Alphas have other Wolven in their chain of command who offer guidance and assistance as necessary–Beta, Gamma, and four Deltas–but it is rare for quick packs/charter cells to have more than just the Alpha and the chosen Beta.



Wolven tend to play rough with each other; dominance games are especially fun. They’re generally very careful around fragile things like doors, books, and other people. They bond deeply with friends and family alike. Mate bonds are also treasured though rare; this bond cannot be forced and only reveals itself when the right match is found and love consummated. Sometimes Wolven can be overbearing with those they love but they generally mean well and a more dominant personality can easily make a pesky Wolven back down.



Of note: Wolfsbane smoke can cause a horrible hallucinogenic effect while silver in any capacity is highly toxic to a Wolven’s system.



Along with unbelievable stamina, Wolven also heal incredibly quickly from pretty much any kind of bump, bruise, contusion, laceration, or puncture imagined; their saliva also holds healing properties.