Phantasmals possess a strong spirituality; they can see auras, spirits, and souls of those around them, though how clear depends on that person’s individual strength. They are also very mindful of karma and fate, never wanting to incur negativity energies by bad or malicious behavior.

Literally a corporeal spirit-type, Phantasmals have the ability to cross into the spirit world, the Aether, by breaching the Veil. They use Ethereal skills as their basis of attack and defense, and for the ability to phase. Phasing allows a Phantasmal to become intangible and/or invisible at will, with even magic able to pass through; however, certain binds can be created by a very skilled magic user and prevent phasing, as well as spirit wards or unholy ash which can either null those powers or make them extremely painful to use.

In addition, Phantasmals have the ability to overshadow or “possess” another person, but the effectiveness and longevity depends upon both persons’ strength and will. Being that they are Ethereal-based beings, they also have strong ESP abilities, most notably telekinesis – forms of precognition/retro-cognition are also common, but the strength varies from person to person.

* 16: able to cross the Veil on your own with other people
* 18: spirit familiar (3 if you’re full, 1 if you’re half, none if you’re less than half)
* 21: to astral project from anywhere as long your strength holds out

Sometime after 18, but no later than mid-twenties, a Phantasmal discovers their second skill set; however, these are not Elemental-based. Generally Charms, Divination, Spellbinding, Spellbreaking, or Watching or Keeping are applicable.

While known to be tricksters, no one knows more about the happenings of spirits, haunting, possessions, or ghosts than a Phantasmal. Unlike the Wolven, who act as guardians and lawmakers of the material world, Phantasmals are the stewards of the spirit world as well as whatever spirits linger about the material plane. They have innate spirit wards that protect them from being overshadowed by another Phantasmal; however, they are still subject to mind control.

It is rumored they are the descendants of ancient Human shaman and Banshee contracts. Due to that inherent spirit-nature, all full-blooded Phantasmals naturally have white hair, white eyelashes, and white eyebrows; a half-blood will possess some of the physical traits, but to a lesser degree.