A race reknowned for their playful, mischeivous natures, Kitsune are also quite gifted magic users. Their specialities very often cross over with Neko and Werecat skills – Watcher and Keeper – but are also excellent Adepts and Elementalists. Natural shapeshifters and masters of disguise, Kitsune also utilize their amazing reflexes and superb speed to get them out of tough jams (which, many times, they brought on themelves); unlike Wolven or Werecats, Kitsune do not have exceptional physical strength and thus have more of a leaning towards Phantasmal and Neko skills, classes, and secondary specializations.

Interestingly enough, a Kitsune’s power can be judged by the number of tails he or she has (though, of course, this could be hidden due to their mastery of illusion). The more tails, the more powerful the Kitsune. But these tails also have a secondary use. As it is sheer magical power that causes the growth of a new tail, Kitsune can actually fuse the magic retained within those tails into one merged force. This results in the unlocking of a large, spirit-fox form, which functions in many ways like a Phantasmal’s familiar–the ability to be corporeal yet not. The stronger the magical power going into the form, the larger this spirit form will be–but the larger the form the Kitsune takes, the greater the energy required to maintain such a sizable spirit-beast.

While in this form, speed receives a hefty boost as does magical might. Ethereal/Spiritual magic is usable, regardless of the biped-Kitsune’s normal class skills, and allows for a hasted healing affect (i.e. regenerated healing). This form is not permanent, however, and lasts as long as the Kitsune can feed power into it; afterwards, the Kitsune will be exhausted but hopefully whatever may have been attacking is either long gone or dead.