Spiritual Magic comes naturally to Phantasmals and Banshees. As it sounds, Magic is drawn from the caster’s spirit. Typically not tied with an element, Spiritual can be quite effective if trained to use “soul power” (from Soul Type) to inflict damage to another Soul Type directly. It is often used as effective healing magic and can restore a soul to a healthier condition.

A truly skilled user can also tap into an individual’s very emotions and memories. These skills are also tied to many ESP skills, so sometimes this skill set is known as Esper. Examples would be telekinesis, clairvoyance, fate-seeing, and even pyrokinesis. Seers have their visions due to their Spiritual Magic, which ties them into the deepest parts of all things, as another example of Esper functioning. Divination also falls beneath this heading.

Often Neko will be quite skilled at Spiritual Magic.