Considered the purest, strongest, and most versatile category of Magic, Essence Magic draws from everything around the wielder; the verve (life-force) and soul of everything organic are woven together and harnessed within, fueling the caster’s ability. This essence coalesces with the caster’s own verve and soul to create the variety of magics available to her. Essence-based Magic is not limited to the caster’s Soul Type and therefore can wield many different elements/non-elements with as much mastery as he/she puts into study and practice with each one.

Channelers and Witches use this type of Magic. Due to their high strength, versatility, and sheer ability to learn and handle such power, few Channelers and Witches are in the world, which make them the magically elite; most likely their small numbers are kept that way to maintain a balance of power in the world.