Based solely on one’s verve, Energy Magic require a high amount of stamina to maintain spells – this is typically called “singing” or “spinning” magic due to the slightly humming sound that thrums about it. Energy-based Magic draws on verve to cast and maintain spells, as well as invoke secondary casting during a primary spell (i.e. strengthening a shield against a certain type of attack after the shield’s initially casting).

Typically used by Watchers and Keepers, any race with a hardy background such as Werecat or Wolven has an easy time with it, and their Adepts/Elementalists may use this category of Magic to manipulate/commune their spells. However, for the Cat Tribe descendents, Werecat and Neko, this category is most common due to the surprising strength both races retain; Kitsune also have a good affinity for Energy as well, but this can be credited to their carefree yet lively natures.

Energy is often used for imbuing, but requires considerable concentration.