Weak: Fire

Strong: Wind

Subclass: Element/Flow/Transient

Like Fire and Wind, Water possesses the ability to flow. This means that Water can be maneuvered into various shapes and lengths, such as whips and walls; couple this with Water’s natural propensity to be ever-changing and highly adaptive, Water’s natural ability to change form (solid, liquid, and gas) allows for far greater variety in attack and defense. After all, having the flexibility to move from a spear of ice to a concealing fog to a crushing wave demonstrate both variety in strength, size, and power. The faster these transitions occur show a Water user’s true potential, discipline, ability, and power.

People that fall under the Water-Soul Type generally embody these same qualities: yielding, highly adaptive, fairly relaxed though environment-influenced, even-tempered (mostly), constant, understanding, and (emotionally) resilient.

Water, much like Wind, has one of the easiest times when it comes to versatility and usability. With the exception of a vacuum, which would have resulted in death anyway, Water and Wind (air) are ever-present. Since water is part of the air, a truly skilled Adept can draw that water from the air and use it. An Elementalist can do the same, especially to save energy, but, like all Elementalist, he/she could easily create it by their own verve.

Water users are only crippled to Fire by the fact that a solid/liquid form of water can be quickly transformed into a gaseous state, which renders an attack like a water whip or a defensive move like a water wall suddenly and grossly ineffective. Unless a Water user is truly skilled and quick, the result of a Fire attack can be disastrous. Wind generally has a problem with Water in any form. Liquid can act as a balloon, expanding and never allowing the wind to breach it; solid can merely cause the wind to ‘break’ upon it; and gaseous form, when used effectively, can actually twist the wind against the attacker. For this reason, Water users are both fairly well-versed, even at a lower level, and incredibly useful in both battle and domestic jobs and arenas.