Weak: None, N/A

Strong: None, N/A

Subclass: Non-Element/Solid/Flow/Transient

Like Light, Shadow, and Life, Force is a non-element and is considered the truest non-element as well as the Soul-Type of true balance. Also known as quintessence, Force is pure energy. As pure energy, Force has no weakness and no strengths against any element or non-element, and can take on solid and flow forms, meaning walls and bubbles as well as whips and ‘waters’.

As with the other non-elements listed above, Force calls its practitioners Adepts; there is no such thing as a Force Elementalist as, again, Force is not an element. Certain circles still refer to their Adepts as Forcemancers just as Metal Adepts are often termed Metalmancers and either term is correct. Due to its balanced state with all other Soul Types, Force users are greatly desired in the ranks of Watchers and Keepers who only grant their class titles to masterful Force Soul practitioners. For any Witch or Channeler, Force is a key ingredient to crafting a powerful barrier or lending additional strength to a Wind attack.

Typical Soul Type personality qualities: balanced, logical, rational, strong yet yielding, cautious, observant, innovative, resilient, difficult to off-center, focused.