Weak: Earth

Strong: Water

Subclass: Element/Flow

Like Water and Wind, Fire possesses the ability to flow. This means that Fire can be maneuvered into various shapes and lengths, such as whips, bows, swords, and shields (to name a few) despite Fire’s natural propensity to be unruly, explosive, and untameable. This transient nature allows for quite a bit of flexibility and creativity.

People that fall under the Fire-Soul Type generally embody these same qualities: hot temper, passionate, unpredictable, determined, and unyielding.

Utilization varies class to class as well as level of expertise and racial ability/affinity. For example, a Fire Adept would have a much harder time in a fight against a Water user for the sheer fact that he would need to have fire already made and available, such as a lighter or torch. Without it, an average-level Fire Adept would not be able to call Fire to him nor manipulate the existing components around into combustion; an Elementalist would simply have to power their Fire via their own mettle and be done with the matter.

Due to this, Fire Adepts are somewhat rare to see. Ones that do exist typically focus on a secondary specialization to pick up the slack for such typically-weak power. Overall, this makes Fire a rather temperamental and difficult element to use, which should be of little to no surprise.