Weak: Wind

Strong: Fire

Subclass: Element/Solid/Semi-Transient

Unlike the flow elements (Fire, Water, and Wind), Earth exists as a stable, solid force. It can be maneuvered into various shapes as well, such as defensive walls and offensive spikes; however the use of sand or fine dirt can be used as a substitute for the versatility of a flow element. Well-trained Earth users can coast along quite easily on sand or dirt, or even waves of more solid earth, for a speed boost – incredibly useful in a fight where maneuverability is key.

While Earth is connected directly to the literal earth of Nox, there are a few notable features about this element. Earth has a subset of skill known as Metal. These Metal users – also called Metal Adepts – can move metal around in the same way a Water user can wield his element. Metal can also lead into the Technomancy, with users of Technomancy known as Technomancers, Mechamancers, or even Mecha Adepts.

Generally, Metal Adepts are slightly rare, and unlike pure Earth users who can choose to specialize more in solid or transient (sand), Metal Adepts are simply born into their power rather than trained into it. This is not to say it is impossible for a Earth user of any class to become a Metal user, but this generally doesn’t happen; often times, it is a skill neglected by Channelers or Witches, who typically opt to learn the Elements/Non-Elements with only a specialty in their Soul-Type. However, in more recent times, Metal Adepts have become more and more valuable to society with the rise of technology.

Traditional Earth users, while far more common than Metal users, are also limited by availability. Like Water, if there is no Earth readily available, only a skilled Earth user will be able to draw the necessary regents from the air (as an Adept would) or create that element by sheer magical will (i.e. Elementalist).

Interestingly enough, Earth’s weakness to Wind stems from its generally solid nature. While only semi-transient via Metal or Sand use, this lack of constant flow allows Wind to either bypass or break (i.e. Wind-drill through) an Earth attack or defense; for example, the Wind Drill could break through an Earth wall by concentrating on a given point and relentlessly wearing it down or the Wind could simply flow around it and attack the user directly. For this reason, Earth users are trained to use an Earthen Shell – or Earth Bubble – to eliminate potential gaps as well as circumvention. Still, this is not foolproof. It does make it much more difficult for a Wind user, however; far more power is expelled to maintain the solid bubble.

Earth-Soul Types tend to have the following traits: steadfast, stubborn, brave, generally emotionally stable (though if an Earth-Soul is really shaken, he/she is unstable for a while), dependable, a degree of level-headedness (when it counts), and extremely loyal.