Finally, Elemental/Non-Elemental Magic focuses exclusively on the elements listed above previously (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Force (Quintessence), Light, Shadow, and Life). Each carries its own weakness/strength. Tied with a Soul Type, these can make or break a deadlocked match between two casters of otherwise equal skill. Coupled with a natural leaning towards another magic category, the basis of Elemental/Non-Elemental varies between whether the caster is Channeler, Witch, Adept, or Elementalist. However, the Soul Type is extremely important to the development and execution of spells.

Due to their limited magic abilities – that is, limited only to one element –, Adepts and Elementalists have a slightly different way of executing their skills. Again, racial heritage and skill inheritance are both quite important as this affects strengths/weaknesses within the actual weaving of magic, not with elemental resistances. An example of this would be a Kitsune Wind Adept casting faster than a Human Earth Elementalist – part of the increased speed comes from the elements themselves (Wind to Earth) but also from racial benefits (Kitsune are quite fast while Humans train to become quicker).

Adepts manipulate their Soul Type element by utilizing its existence in the surrounding area while Elementalists will instead commune and can manifest their Soul Type element from within. Certain Adepts can mimic Elementalist moves, such as creating a Fire Adept creating a spark of fire and catching it onto a paper; now the fire is in existence and something to draw from. However, for an Adept to manipulate his skill that way, he has to be highly trained.

The only exception to this would be Shadow, Light, and Life Adepts as they fall in a strange liminal space between Adept and Elementalist. These type of “Adepts” or demi-Adepts draw from their own soul’s strength, though Life tends to rely more on verve than Shadow and Light, who can switch between whichever source has more power. This means an exhausted Light Adept could draw on her soul’s power to keep going for a while longer despite heavy fatigue. The most interesting thing would be the triad Light, Shadow, and Life create. Within the triad, a Grand Master of Light or Shadow can begin to learn Life with ease. While neither Shadow nor Light are good or evil, Life remains even more removed as it encompasses the circle of life – life and death.

When used in a fight, for either offense or defense, elemental opposites are paramount; however, Force (Quintessence) has no active weakness, therefore it falls into “non-element” like the triad before.

Force=Quad Elements (Fire)(Water)(Earth)(Wind)+Non-Elements (Light)(Shadow)(Life)*

*Force has no weakness but it also has no resistances. Much like using Light against Earth, this is simply “normal” without any resists or weaknesses. The “neutral” (non-)element.

Light>Shadow, Life

Shadow>Light, Life

Life>Shadow, Light