How magic functions in Ever Night

Unlike other systems of magic or held contentions, Magic does not fall strictly into one category. Rather, it moves between several different categories: essence, energy, spiritual, secondary (specialization), and elemental/non-elemental. A person can hold multiple types of magic categories by intense training and/or natural giftedness/inheritance.

The type of soul someone has affects their Magic abilities. Soul Types are always elemental/non-elemental (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Force, Shadow, Light, or Life [rare]), even if the skill set used is not elemental/non-elemental based (such as a Watcher, Diviner, Keeper, or basic Phantasmal abilities due to a later maturation of “secondary” magic).

[These Soul Types are based on the European Alchemist five elements (fire, water, earth, air, quintessence) though the Asian elements (fire, water, earth, metal, wood) are made manifest as separate paths. See the elements listing for more information]

Soul Type manifests itself in resistances and effectiveness for those like Watchers who use more energy-based magic (ex.: A Fire-Soul Watcher holding a more effective shield against an Earth Adept) while someone who has a Water-Soul, for example, will wind up being either an Adept or Elementalist – or, more rare, a Water-Soul Channeler or Witch, depending on circumstances. More specific details on Soul Type and various abilities are listed beneath Skill/Class listings.

Coming back to the different Magic categories, Magic can and does transition between the various possibilities; heritage comes into play when determining what category or categories will be available to an individual and how powers (elemental/non-elemental) will express themselves. Some categories cross into one another, such as spirit/energy combinations, which are quite common.