Name: Joshua Lore
Height: 6′1″
DOB: November 3
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Auburn
Race: Wolven
Skill: Metalmancer

A leader in many senses of the word, Josh strives to become a master metalsmith as well as protect those he loves. The type who often helps out those who cannot help themselves, he bears every trait desirable in an Alpha-to-be, and with an impressive pedigree and commanding presence, Josh tends to attract considerable attention.

Within Sylvan, Josh has quite a few fangirls due to his unintentional but boyish charm.  When not in the art room, he spends time with his best friends Aila and Brad as well as Jaina, whom he views as another close friend.

Josh’s necklace is an heirloom from his now-deceased father, Lief, whose mysterious death has shaken the young Metal Adept deeply.

Josh lives in a beautiful ranch house with his mother Diana, sister Kaylee, and several horses. In addition to art, he is rather musical; he sings and plays orcharina.