Name: Bradley Hallow
Height: 5′11″
DOB: July 7
Eyes: cobalt
Hair: white (lashes are white, too)
Race: Ethereal (Phantasmal/Banshee)
Skill: Ethereal

* Familiars: Copernicus (misc. bitch), Nella (healer), Odin (attack/defense)

Phantasmal Jack-of-All-Trades

Brad plans to become a great actor someday and spends a lot of his time in the school theater to practice. To the surprise of many, Brad actually has the skills and the drive for this. While chronically clumsy, Brad has a surprising amount of grace on stage.

The rest of his free time is spent with Aila, his best friend Josh, and Jaina. He enjoys pizza rolls, basketball, and learning lame pick-up lines. He and Josh are Sylvan’s current marauding legends, knowing ever nook-and-cranny in the entire school.

Brad lives with Aila and his parents, Craig and Lil in a house by the pier.