Name: Aila Ravencroft
Height: 5′2″
DOB: November 13
Eyes: blue (right)/green (left)
Hair: white forelocks; black with red streaks (natural)
Skill: Channeler/Ethereal (limited)

Generally an upbeat person, Aila has realistic expectations in her life despite the magic that surrounds her. She tends to be forthright in her speech, but doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. Due to this, Aila tends to be rather quiet yet speaks her mind when the situation calls for it. But there are always exceptions to her ‘silence is a virtue (for me)’ rule.

At current, she lives with her Uncle Craig, Aunt Lil, and cousin Brad in a house near the pier. Aila also works in the coffee shop True, which is one of many in a chain of coffee houses owned by her aunt and uncle.

She spends most of her time with her best friend Josh, Brad, and Jaina, and belongs to Sylvan’s soccer and tennis teams. Besides practicing magic, Aila avidly plays violin and is an accomplished dancer, viewing dancing as little different from fighting. Her friends and family often call her a workaholic and a perfectionist along with feisty and, at times, competitive.