So if my calculations are correct, we’ll have chapter 1 finally finished at the beginning of November; however, chapter 2 won’t begin until the first week of January.

You might be asking, “Huh? What the hell?!” in very angry tones, throwing things around, and looking  a bit like that kid that got pissed off after his parents took his WoW away. Never fear! Sarah and I have a plan.

There will be a special side story that will take place on the same night as chapter 1 and will allow the two of us some much-needed breathing room while we get ahead on updates for chapter 2. We don’t want to give a lot away but the side story’s titled 3:33 and we hope you’ll really like it. 3:33 is a prose piece with illustrations, and the updates should be easy-to-read bite-size chunks that we’ll be running Monday-Friday–that’s right: five days a weekuntil 3:33 is finished. We estimate that this should carry us to about mid-December or so and then we’ll take a small break for Christmas rush and be back on the first Tuesday of 2014, January 7.

2014 promises to be a good year for us. Better job for Kit’s fiancé, I have a stable job; I got engaged and Kit’s scored a new, bigger tablet to make the work easier on her wrist.

But to be fair, there will be a few changes. Chiefly: We’ll be changing how Ever Night is colored. That is, there will be no color except for magic, eyes, and Aila’s red Channeler streaks. It’s not that we don’t love having color but it takes so much time to do and we’d like to get further in the story. Whenever we go to printing, we may very well fully colorize the new pages (read: Kit will color and I might lay flats) but beyond that, that’s how things are going to be. We have a really great story we want to tell and after a lot of consideration and heartfelt thinking, this was the best solution. So we hope that you’ll love the new look of Ever Night too!

The other change? We’ll be updating twice a week! If things go well, that could move up to three times a week but we’ll see how we go.