Sorry for not putting this blog together sooner. My job (that one that pays me so I can pay bills like the schmuck sheeple that society necessitates I be in the world of finances) has been pulling a lot of overtime of which yours truly has had put in her fair share.

Regardless, Sarah and I will be at Phoenix Comicon (June 5th-June 8th)! Kit is arriving a day late to the party, coming in on June 6th, BUT I will be there bright and fairly early on the very first day and throughout most of the con the exception being Friday to pick Kit up from the airport. I’ll be giving out free pins of Aila and the Ever Night logo in black but my supply is limited so move quickly folks! We’ll have a full range of cast available for purchase sometime later this year.

I’ll also be doing my best to live Tweet from PCC as the action happens with updates here on the blog roll and dittoed on my blog/geeky/whatever site that I’ve launched with Adam called Geekery Beat. (Excuse the quietness. Need to get our blog roll up-to-date in the next 36 hours.)

Sadly, we will not have a table this year for the con, so try to spot me with The Grim Tote from Kit’s Society6 shop for pins, business cards, pictures, and general goofiness. Kit will be doing $5 quick sketches and Adam will be doing in the same for our zombie apocalypse webcomic, THETA, which is due out later this year.

Grab a $5 sketch, sit and chat, grab a pin, take a couple business cards, and keep an eye on our Twitters and blogs to see what other crazy train stuff will be going on.

Friday’s page will be up later today. Expect a page Wednesday. This Friday will be a filler image since Kit will be leeeeeeeaving on a jet plane and we won’t be flying back for our post-con vacation until Monday, June 9th. We’ll be taking that week off to recoup and regroup. Regular updates will resume June 18th.

Enjoy the craziness!