So, updates resume on November 7th. Keep your eyes peeled, and keep on talkin’ with us. We are having a bit of a problem with the avatars randomly changing in the forum so we’re trying to get that figured out >>;

Now for some fun. Kit’s done some doodles that I thought everyone would enjoy. You’ll probably have to actually click on this journal to look at it normally. Sorry!

Say it with your lips by *Moophles on deviantART

Say it with your lips V2 by *Moophles on deviantART

(With lyrics from “Angel of Light” by Marcato – look them up on YouTube here)

Aila Cutesy pinup by *Moophles on deviantART

E.N First Birthday by *Moophles on deviantART

E.N group sketch chibi’s by *Moophles on deviantART

EN Halloween by *Moophles on deviantART