Hey guys. I know it’s a been a while since I’ve blogged anything on here, but I felt it was of note.

Firstly: Starting with this coming update, Sarah will be switching to cell shading. Please don’t be alarmed. It’s for the sheer sake of speed (well, that, and it still looks pretty).


Secondly: We know the opening is slow. We know it’s “jarring” to go from Prologue to Chapter 1–and it was intentional. I’m going to give a bit of a hint for everyone (it’ll be easier to see later down the track, but meh).

The past has been forgotten.

Not entirely but enough. People move on from things that tore their lives apart thousands of years ago bit by bit. The Crusades still have an impact on our world as a whole but most don’t think of it day-to-day…and that’s kind of where the world is when we meet Aila. Truth be told, I want you to feel like it’s a little slow and “normal” because when things vastly change–and they will–the blissful ‘ignorance’ of innocence lost will hit a lot harder. The world of Nox is also vastly different from many worlds akin to it.

But I promise you, the slow opening will be well-worth it. Just like the cell-shading! :) The cell-shading switch is so we can get to the really good stuff much faster. (Hint: Page 38 will be a sweet opener).

Chapter 1 does pick up, and the slow opening serves two purposes: One, to get you visually used to the town of Verona and its denizens; and two, to get familiar with Aila and how hum-drum her magical life seems to be. It is a long exposition, it’s true, and I’m one for jumping into the action quickly, but without this it just wouldn’t make sense.

I promise I’m not doing a total history dump of Aila’s life but certain elements of mystery would not come across correctly.

(And yes, I do know names like “shadow” or “raven” or overdone, but in this case, it’s due to her family. Last names like Ravencroft, Hallow, Spectre, Sacred, etc. are well-known in the Phantasmal and Banshee communities. Some names are common while others are more noble in their respective niches. But don’t let Aila’s surname fool you; look up some of the meanings for Aila’s first name and then laugh and think about it–honest!)

It can be a lot to take in, hence the long exposition. Otherwise it’s “sparkle puke” (to quote Sarah) with no back-up. There are plenty of mysteries to explore and many more fights and things returning–and I promise the war has not been forgotten. I want you to feel jarred and wonder, “Well, what the fuck, Stas? Where do these two things fit together?”

Subtext is just as much a bitch to write. But don’t you remember being seventeen and it seemed like everyone was keeping something from you?

Yeah, it’s starting off as something like that.

We get through this, we get some niftiness in chapter 2 and, I don’t know. We’ll go out for ice cream or a con* or something. Whatever.






*depends on what funds we have and if Sarah and I ever get an invite, haha.