…and sparrow nests.

They settle in my head.

Hey all, woke up from a mini-asthma attack thing something and decided…uhm…to explode here before heading back to bed for a little while.
Going to be going for finishing the final page of the prologue today when I decide to be awake (I.E. when Stasia decides the Artist has slept plenty <3 )

So hopefully look forward to that, but because the happenings during life are unpredictable and I have three furry terrors living with me…only time will tell if it actually gets finished tonight.

But lets hope! I’m pretty optimistic :3

Also,  Another Happy Birthday to our lovely Writer, Stasia! Because dammit, she deserves it D:< <3 Love you pookums~! <3 <3 <3 <3
Here is to many more of them with you. :)

With that said, I shall toddle off.