So while I don’t have  anything terribly clever or creative to say at the moment – though maybe I should actually use this blog space for conversation over interesting topics, hm… -, just wanted to give a quickie status update.

Despite me still jobless and frustrated at the moment, Sarah’s putting the latest page together pretty quick. Should see an update tonight, which’ll be good.

Our schedule looks like we’re going to do updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Though Saturday looks like it’s going to be ‘and sometimes’ thing, if Kit feels up to it, she’ll have more up. I’d love to have thrice a week updates and I’m sure she’d love to deliver that. But you know. Art is time consuming. :)

Anyway, haven’t done much with the magic. Been busy scripting Chapter 2 and applying for jobs. Tomorrow’s Father’s Day so today my older brother is stopping by with his boys and his wife so hopefully I’ll have some free time later – and my brother’s infectious sense of humor will rub off on me. A little laughter would do me well.