While this is an unexpected twist of fate (due to Sarah’s wrist being jacked up for nearly a month and now a cold just as her wrist has healed), we needed something to fill the void. I would have written something sooner but I’ve been working on my own stuff–grad school applications–so that has taken precedence at the moment. So much to do yet so little time.

Memoir of the Heretic will go for as long as, well…as long as it needs to, which may only be for a few short weeks or until the beginning of January, depending. I do have an outline for what I’m doing and hopefully the ending of this full segment will coincide well with the continuation of Chapter 1 (of which Sarah and I are both eager to see finished, no thanks to unforeseen circumstances). After segment one’s run is completed, Memoir of the Heretic will be granted its own special place on the E.N. site.

But yes.

The updates for Ever Night: Memoir of the Heretic should be Tuesday and Friday. If I get off this Friday, I do ask for forgiveness; I’m American and this Friday is the day after Thanksgiving as well as the day after my dad’s birthday.

Aaaaaand I’m dog-sitting Wednesday through Sunday. Mostly at night, but still.

I do so hope you all enjoy it and hope all of you are as curious about the next section as I am!


~Stasia <3