I hope everyone is doing well. So far things have been hectic and strange but for the most part they have been pretty good here for the two of us.

Aside from me making really kick ass cupcakes, The Memoir of the Heretic seems to be doing extraordinarily well. Totally glad to see that. :) The update schedule is Tuesday with the occasional Friday update (or whenever I feel like it), so make sure you’re checking the Facebook page and/or our official Twitters (mine, Sarah’s, Ever Night Comic) to see other updates. Very handy, I promise.

I’m thinking that, perhaps, Tuesday through Friday of this week will feature a new Memoir page everyday but we’ll see how we go.*

I’ve finished applying to the grad schools I could and, since I’m unemployed (still!), I keep writing in the interim. Hopefully I’ll get a piece where I want it to have it (hopefully) published. But, then again, we’ll see. I know there’s a few things I have to tweak and release on the site here but we’ll see how that goes as well.

Otherwise, it’s been a mad, mad life comprised of World of Warcraft, Persona 3 Portal, Final Fantasy (I & II), Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead 2, and a handful of other games. I’ll probably pick up my copy of Catch-22 and read it sometime. I recently finished Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, which I enjoyed immensely, though maybe not as much as American Gods.

I know you guys enjoy commenting on the journals but we’d love to see more of your lovely faces in the forum. Our current commenter, BullRun, does a great job but could use more people to bounce off of than just the two of us.


Anyway, I have some stuff to write so see everyone Tuesday!





*[NOTE: This will probably happen]