So I hope everyone is doing well, as always. The fight scene is underway–and it only gets better. Believe me. You don’t? Too bad. Your loss.

Anyway, I wanted to point out that we have a hosting donation button hanging out on the left side of our page beneath the “Updates Sunday” thingy. If you want to help us out with hosting (it doesn’t go towards anything else), toss a few bones our way. We’ll appreciate it.

We have some very clever and fun art over on our dA group page and I thought I’d link some of it for all of you.


AT – Philob by *Moophles on deviantART

Aila by ~GreenifyME on deviantART

Ghosts of the past by ~camychan on deviantART


There’s a few more to check out so drop by the dA group page. Watch and/or join if you’d like. 😉 We don’t bite…often.

All right. Done with you lot. Have a great rest of your day, watch some good stuff on the web or whatever, and remember to breathe.


Later days.