It’s been a while so I figured I should sit down and blog. Admittedly, I’ve been freaking out (slightly) over graduation matters this semester and all the after-college drama that I need to deal with; grad school looms a couple years off but will slap me in the face sooner rather than later.

No April Fool’s prank this year from us. Sarah and I didn’t plan anything. Maybe next year. :)

Now onto the Ever Night stuff. For those of you who read this on the FB page already, you know that we are updating April 10th rather than April 3rd. If you haven’t joined the FB page yet, I definitely encourage it!

Also: Sarah might be at FanimeCon 2011 in San Jose this year. She won’t have a table but she’ll be wandering around with a friend; it’s doubtful I’ll have the funds to attend as well, but we’ll see. Definitely very exciting either way! It’d be the first con either of us has attended since starting Ever Night.

Oh yeah. Hey. Ever Night has its own Twitter account now. So you can follow us as well as the comic itself! Way cool, huh? Thanks, Sarah, for the smart idea. (And as a reminder: My Twitter, Sarah’s Twitter).

Still can’t get enough of us/prefer using some other means for following our updates? We each have a Tumblr. You can find Sarah’s here and mine here. (Warning: Sarah’s better at using Tumblr than me but I’m trying! Really!) We tend to get more chatty when we know people are actually looking/reading/watching. So DEFINITELY go looking through Sarah’s Tumblr–videos, sketches, pictures run rampant.

This weekend for me is a balancing act with work, homework, writing, and Ever Night Codex rehashing (or at least starting on it). Not to mention I’m rewriting something for the Chapter One script. It’s a good rewrite that I think you guys’ll like.

Truth be told? We do mess with the script a lot when writing. Curious about other behinds the scenes? Check out this Tumblr entry of mine.

All right. I’ve said enough for now. Time to get some allergy meds.

Thanks again for being such awesome fans! We both appreciate the fuzzies we’ve received from people thus far. We realize Ever Night has been online just over a year, but it’s been a fun and crazy year for us both.

Just forewarning: Page 39 of this Chapter will begin a very cool scene. Promise!

For now, enjoy a quick chibified-Aila playing with fire–because blue-white fire is the hottest. 😀

I light my own way by *Moophles on deviantART

~Stasia <3