Yesterday was a day of remembrance, tears and quiet smiles.
We never forget those lost, but we rejoice in the life they lived.

The wee hours of the morning were spent in laughter, deep soulful conversations and reconnection’s.
Sleep was had and now we are back to work.

Here is a word to all you who read and do not watch our FaceBook fanpage (Which if you read and you have a FaceBook, please click the FB button there beneath the comic. You will get more update information there and we do not create a bunch of spam messages. Ever.)
The shading style will shift to something that is just as pretty, but not nearly as time consuming. Thank you all for your patience as I slowly get the hang of this visual story telling thing with Stasia.
She’s much better at it than I am, I just need to learn how to match her awesome writing skills with my art at a proper amount.

So, update will be tomorrow.

Sunday’s and Wednesday’s until I get caught up enough to do our previously attempted 3 day a week updates ;3

Now back to work!