Okay, so it’s been a while since I wrote anything or Kit wrote anything and we’re completely and absolutely¬†totally¬†sorry! But usually we’re posting our quick updates which show up our the Facebook page and then get sent straight to Twitter. We have a Tumblr now too so you can also look for our news and such there.

Back to the face lift. The site’s been in need of one for a while so over the next couple weeks between working on other things (i.e. the pages), we’re going to be doing some minor cosmetics on the site. New buttons, a different background, new banner, new place for an updated version of Memoir of the Heretic, etc. This is going to be lots of fun but the site might look randomly disjointed. This will be why.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our return to the story and we promise it’ll be even better from here. We’ve both learned a lot–what to do, what not to do, what we want to do, how to effectively communicate, when to rewrite or redraw, and when to trust our guts and hold our ground.

We hope you all continue to show us your support as we move on to even bigger and better things in the world of Ever Night.