So, I had a quiet Valentine’s Day. Made funfetti cake with funfetti frosting (man, I sound like Yuko from Johnny Wander a couple weeks back–though this is completely coincidental as my dad bought the cake). Read Rosemary’s Baby and am in the middle of watching it. Can we say “incredibly freaky”? Not scared, but definitely weirded out.

Have a few more plans for both comic and otherwise, and those plans are keeping me pretty busy.

Still, I hope everyone had a great V-Day. I got a couple gifts of chocolate and two pictures. One from my sweetie, Adam, who is also one of the mods for the forums, and one from Sarah. I’m pretty sure you can guess which is which. 😉

Koalphin loves you by ~FactionFighter on deviantART

Love by *Moophles on deviantART

I’ll try to blog more soon!

<3 Stasia