Since about Tuesday. I’m currently working off her netbook, Itty (I know, cute name, right?) which apparently DOES NOT LIKE colored text when typing in the post window. So eff, I have no idea what I typed unless I CTRL+A select it.


Anyway, she’s having problems with Page 12. Like, a lot. She’s incredibly frustrated…


In the interim, I’m going to start posting up some of the details about magic in an effort to say I accomplished SOMETHING on this trip besides fun sparkliness.

On the other hand, She does have the first page oft actual chapter 1 done, which looks incredibly bad ass, trust me. Once we are done with the silhouette prologue you’ll get to see more lined art again. You know, like a regular comic. (No the silhouette style is not forever :P). Anyway, time to check this bitch-post over and submit it. Rawr.