It’s not often that I blog anymore (a habit I’m trying to break) but I felt this was pretty important.

I’ve been a fan of The Zombie Hunters for a long time now, bordering on about five years or so. In that time I’ve picked up little tidbits about the creator, Jenny Romanchuk, and her life. To put it succinctly: the girl’s had it rough. I can sympathize with the need for money and having a sweetheart faraway (FactionFighter on the forums)—unlike Jenny, I’m not the one who has to go abroad but rather he does…and from Australia, no less! The passport process is a serious bitch.

Regardless, I read her latest update and the blog below and it really tears at me. By no means am I loaded; I am a poor college student in SO many ways, and with graduation impending, I’m going to seriously be hurting for ‘bigger money’ that a college degree is meant to afford (we’ll see where my B.A. in Writing takes me). But I plan on putting some of my hard-earned dough into Jenny’s hand (well, digitally—but whatevs) and try and take some stress off her mind.

I realize Ever Night is not a big name comic yet, but we have a modest little following (of which all of you are greatly appreciated!) and I encourage you to read through TZH and maybe buy a little something. The shirts are on sale, the art truly is something special (and has changed so much in style and tone since the early pages), and you will certainly have more than one laugh at TZH’s group’s antics.

At a time when the pop-culture trend is moving from a heady teenage love affair with sparkly vampires to a liaison the walking dead, TZH was ahead of the curve with a preexisting, insatiable love for the (un)dead and the people whose lives were affected by this curious affliction—living, dead, and in-between. The Zombie Hunters does this well. The comic has grown as a whole and, as one creator to another, I find that incredibly important.

I guess what I mean to say is that I hope people who read Sarah and my comic can find it in their hearts to help support Jenny a bit. Even if you can’t afford something right now, sharing a link on FB, Tumblr, or Twitter can help create a buzz.

I know, I know. It’s usually crazy to send traffic to another comic, but why not? This isn’t a matter of product; people can love all sorts of art. I read quite an assortment of comics besides Ever Night (I mean, JUST reading EN would get super boring after a while) and I have friends who read over a hundred comics. Some read even more than that.

(Their Google Readers must get serious internet mileage.)

I’m not asking for a reward. I’m not asking to be someone’s hero. I just know what it’s like to burn out, mentally breakdown, crawl into the tiniest space possible and sob my eyes out. I had some rough times the past five years, I’m not going to lie. If we’re going to be technical, it’s been quite a few years of emotional heaviness (of which I’m not going to get into at present), and having Ever Night to look forward to since Sarah and I cooked up the very first rough drafts back in 2009 have made all the difference. I’m still trying to get my writing mojo back and I still deal with some outside factors that greatly affect—mainly needing to move into a place all my own; not to say I don’t love my parents (I do, very much), but because I’m an adult and a different person than I was when I was small and my sense of self, time, and importance are becoming vastly incompatible with my mom and dad’s. It’s just…one of those things. (And yes, in case you were wondering, my university is in town and it’s just been cheaper to stay at home).

Anyway, send some love—or lurve, whichever you prefer—to Jenny. These things are never fun and you seriously don’t feel cool for crumpling like that, but hey. That’s life. It happens.

I call her a comrade for a lot of reasons. The biggest one (but not necessarily the most important one): she’s a comic creator just like Sarah and myself. In an industry that is quickly changing form and media, it’s important to band together, you know? :)

So from Sarah and myself, all others associated with Ever Night—we wish you all the best, Jenny! Hang in there, girl!

<3 ~Stasia