Somewhere near the beginning of the world, a demoness rose to power–and for centuries, she ruled Nox with an unbreakable grip, her Blood Wolves at her side.

A child born of moonlight on water opposed her and took the wolves as her own.

The history of their conflicts is written in blood while centuries have passed with the truth all but forgotten.

But there are those who do remember, those who dedicate themselves to not forgetting…those who cannot forget.

A thousand years has passed since the last great conflict, the final battle of the Second War during the Age of Deep Dark, and while Magic now runs rampant in Nox, evil has not died and SHE had made a promise–

and she always kept her promises.


It would be wise if we all kept our eyes open and ears keen, wouldn’t it? After all, the future is always being written in the present and put down as the past, and I know this girl is our past, our present, and our future…

…even if she has yet to realize.


Time and Fate are funny, funny things.